So today I was reading and I started thinking about why we forgive.

We don’t forgive because we have to, we forgive because we should. We forgive because Jesus forgives us! In Matthew 6:15 it says “But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” Ouch! We are called to love one another, “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” John 13:34.

Are we loving others if we hoard anger in our hearts toward them? No we are just letting it become bitterness.

If you get a splinter, and you just leave it in your skin, it will fester and become a huge infection. It is not just going to go away. That is what happens with unforgiveness.

It will grow and grow and grow in us to where we have so much bitterness that we feel like we will never get better. But that is far from the truth.

So we should forgive others for our own health! For our spirit! We need to forgive because Jesus for gave us.

So if someone has wronged you, don’t hold on to it. Forgive them and be set free from the pain.

I know how badly unforgiveness can hurt you. And how bitterness can not only hurt you but can hurt people around you.

So let go, forgive and don’t play the victim. Be the peace maker.

Have a great day and be encouraged.

P.S. this video is a powereful example of the healing of forgiveness…


Video challenge #2

Sorry this is so late! It took us longer then expected to get together again but also I have been trying to load the video for days! So here is the video of us answering some of the questions we got this week! 

We were asked …

What’s your favorite meme of all time? 

Do all dogs go to heaven? 

And is it right or wrong to confess to a priest, is that the only way to have true forgiveness or can I take my sin straight to God? 

These were fun and serious questions, I hope we have the answers you are looking for friends! 

We also have a question for this week already but would love a few more! 

The question is what is spiritual fruit? 

So if you have questions about spiritual fruit or any other questions please comment and we will do our best to find the answer! 

Thank you again! 

Vlogging Challenge! Video 1!


So this Sweet Girl and I are doing a vloggin challenge together! We are going to post one post a week for the month of April. We are going to answer questions, talk about topics chosen by you! So Please watch our opening video and then if you want to give us somehting to talk about, you need encouragment about or anything else, comment below! Thank you for your support!

Here is the link to the video!


So Comment and help us meet our goal!

Thank you!

2 Timothy 1:7

Being Aware of God 

Being Aware of God 

Here is a silly moment where I became aware of God’s Bigger Plan!

We need to be aware of God!

What does that even mean?

Why does being aware mean? Well being aware of something according to the dictionary is: – having knowledge; conscious; cognizant, 

informed; alert; knowledgeable;sophisticated. 

So being aware of God would be having knowledge of Him, His character. Knowing that He is there through every part of our everyday.

He wants the best a part of our day! So how do we have Him in every part? We are in constant communication with Him. Communication is talking and listening! Did you hear that? Let me say it again! COMMUNICATION IS TALKING  AND LISTENING! Okay now that, that is clear, let’s move on.

God is so awesome. He wants the best for us and that includes the fact that He wants us to grow. Growing can be hard!
I read a really awesome devotional from Rick Warren about Faith. And how when our faith it tested we grow.

He said this about faith; “Faith produces resilience. Faith unlocks the promises of God and it shows us the promises of God and it turns our dreams into reality and gives us the power to hold on during tough times.”

He continues;

“Faith doesn’t always take you out of the problem. Faith often takes you through the problem. Faith doesn’t always take away the pain. Faith gives you the ability to handle the pain. Faith doesn’t always take you out of the storm. Faith calms you in the midst of the storm.”

We need to remember that walking in faith isn’t all glitter and rainbows! It is a spiritual battle that we are constantly in. But we have to remember who is our leader! He already has the victory!

Our God has won!

We need to walk each day knowing that we are walking in victory!

We need to look at each day as a chance to trust God and to grow our faith!

Don’t miss out on why God’s great plan is because you are in fear, sad, lost or hurting. Remember that when you chose God you were given victory! Walk in victory my friends!

Be aware that God is with you always. Be aware that He has victory over satan. Be aware that satan has no power over you. Be aware of who loves you.

Be aware of God.


This was seriously one of the greatest moments ever! We surprised the youth kids and told them we are Prego! They were so surprised and happy! So glad we got it on tape! Lol so baby number 2 is on the way!  


Happy Birthday 

I wrote this 3 years ago…. and Robbie’s Birthday was yesterday so I wanted to share it again.

Last night I watched a movie called “Letter to God”. Let me tell you I could not help but cry! It was like I could see myself in that movie with my best friend Robbie years ago and it just blessed me so much. When I was 10 years old my friend Robbie was diagnose with a rare lung cancer. He lived for a year or a little more before he died. It was so hard on his family and also on mine. We were so close and it was like I truly lost my brother. It is not like you just get over the death of someone you love and it has taken a lot for me to even talk about him without breaking down in to tears. When you are dealing with the death of a loved one the only thing that helps is when you are reminded of what they did in their lifetime and how they blessed so many people, it really helps the pain. I know that Robbie was only meant to be here for the time he was. The movie reminded me that Robbie was Chosen by God to be a warrior and he had a special mission. He was sent to be strong in the hard times in his life and be an example to the world. Robbie had an amazing faith and he has truly changed my life and the lives of many others. I love you Robbie Angelo forever and always! Thank you Jesus for giving me the honor of being his friend and being part of his family. I love the Angelo family with all my heart and I always will. I pray for them always! I know that Robbie was an angel sent from the Lord to bless us. I also know that He is watching us right now and playing catch with the most high God. Thank you Jesus for such an amazing blessing.

A couple weeks back I posted a blog about a friend of mine that was taken by cancer about 12 years ago. I wrote the blog from my heart and I was hoping it would help a few others heal as well. Well I sent the blog to my friends grandmother and she wrote me back and told me some amazing things I never new! She told me that when Robbie was reaching the end of his life he told her something so amazing, he told her that “this is the way the Lord is going to take me home”. I found this is be so moving! A young boy reaching the end of his life because of a deadly disease, was so ready to go the way the Lord was calling. What bravery, I wish I could be as brave as he was. Robbie taught me so much while he was here and his life is continuing to change mine. Robbie was like my brother and I am so thankful that his life can live on through others by applying the things he has taught us to our lives. Thank you for showing us was true faith & Bravery is.

I love you Robbie! I am still sharing your story with people today and encouraging them to have a faith like yours! Encouraging people not to have fear of this life and to have faith in God!

In the words of my nephew Elijah, “Happy birthday Robbie”, and then he says “Darn everyone is having a birthday on the streets of gold without me!”

What an amazing way to spend your birthday! I love you Robbie! Forever and always!


Chocolate Covered Resse’s Stuffed Cookies

The other day one of my youth girls tagged me in a post on Facebook. The video was of these crazy cookies! She always wanted to make something crazy!

So I went out and got the supplies!

You will need;


Reese’s Cups (The normal ones)

Chocolate Chips (You can use any kid you like!)

and thats all!

We made a video to show you how it is done!

Check it out!

Chocolate Covered Resse’s Stuffed Cookies

Try some different kinds and then comment and tell me what you did differently.

You could use all different kinds of chocolate or even cookies!

This would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day coming up!

Make, Eat & Share!

Thank you for watching!

I’m Just too Busy…

The idea behind this study is that we tend to make time for all kinds of stuff but we miss out on our time with the Lord. 

Why do we miss out? 

What is our greatest excuse for not reading our bible? 

I believe it is the LIE that “I’m Just too busy.”

I believe this because I have lived it. 

I believed that Lie for a long time, but I am choosing to fight for my relationship with the Lord. 

I will fight until the end!

Will you? 

I’m Just Too Busy

I hope you enjoy! 

#4 DIY Hot Cocoa Christmas Ornament

This DIY is another one that is so easy a kid could do it!

These are so cute and different!

A Hot Cocoa Ornament!

You will need the following; 

-Clear Christmas Ornament ($.96 at Walmart) 

-Hot Cocoa Mix

-Chocolate Chips

-Sprinkles (Optional) 


-Paper for a Tag

-Ribbon or String for the bow

Step 1: Fill the ornament about 1/4 full of hot cocoa powder.

Step 2: Add a thin layer of Sprinkles.

Step 3: Add a layer of Chocolate chips.

Step 4: Add a thick layer of Marshmallows.

Step 5: Put the top back on.

Step 6: Add a tag and or a bow!

Step 7: Bless someone with a cute gift made with love!


(Sorry about the lack of step by step pictures! Still trying to get good at this blog thing. Next time, next time)

I hope you enjoy these cute gifts!

Hot Cocoa Ornament

Comment with ideas or pictures of your creations!


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